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Server Information

Server Location: Pennsylvania

  • 2TB/month transfer

Server Gameplay Information:

  • Rates: 250/250/100 (Skips non-trans, see note below)
  • Based on pre-renewal physics (when the game was actually fun)
  • Max Level: 99/70
  • Max Stats: 99
  • Powerful boss cards and mini-boss cards are nerfed to not provide any battle advantage (but I will try to come up with some fun things for them to do.)
  • PvP currently has both transcendant and non-transcendant modes
  • Does not follow standard transcending procedures. To make a transcendant character, you simply change your novice to a high novice at the job changer.
  • GM powers are severely limited. They cannot make items or drop items, and are generally weaker in battle than ordinary players due to lack of equipment. The only person who has full powers is the Administrator (it would be pointless for me to limit myself... considering I could just undo it).
  • There will never be donation benefits.
  • Has dungeon level warper available to all users
  • Has slotted sunglasses quest (Hellion's Eye quest, but made more difficult)
  • No one on the server is above the rules.
  • We provide a full install torrent that is very strongly seeded.
  • If you read this remark, you are probably already ready to try the server.

Ragnarok Online Private Server 99/70 High Rate Medium Rate Hybrid Rate Fair and Balanced No Donations Donation Free Lagless No Lag Fast Connection Fast Server Transcendant Non-Transcendant Slotted Sunglasses Gunslinger Homunculus Ninja Soul Linker Tae Kwon Star Gladiator Fast Connection


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